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Bokitta New Release Generate Excitement

Bokitta has come of age. It is fast becoming a fashion icon. This can be seen by the excitement generated whenever Bokitta launches a new release. Bokitta fans and lovers will wait in anticipation on the actual release date.

Bokitta launching new release collections

A long que normally form on new release dates. We have seen people waiting patiently just for the stores to be opened. It is the same with the online shop. Fans and lovers would sit patiently over their laptops or smartphones waiting to buy online.

Bokitta has been launching about 2 new releases each month. A few prints are known to be sold out on the first day. Bokitta was first introduced in Malaysia in 2013 at the Curve shopping mall. Fashionable hijabistas would swarm the shop on every new releases.

My Bokitta has expanded its number of shops to more locations. The number of dealers has also grown. This has led to Bokitta becoming more accessible to fans and lovers all over Malaysia.

Unique Bokitta prints and designs

The possibility of other labels having the same prints as Bokitta is next to none. This is because Bokitta has dedicated designers. This team is responsible for producing beautiful prints and designs. This is the same team that patented Bokitta’s unique instant hijabs. There are obviously copycats who want to ride on Bokitta’s success. Copying is a form of flattery, but really that is so unethical. The copycats are cheating the buyers with their inferior products. At the end of the day, these “pirates” has got nothing on the original Bokitta.

Every new release has new designs and prints that appeals to buyers. Bokitta usually launch new releases accompanied by the collection's themes. These themes describe the uniqueness of the collection.

The latest release for the moment is the Baroque collection. The Baroque art of 17th century Italy inspired this collection. The Baroque collection get its inspiration from the romantic Baroque art. This wonderful art plays on flowy curves, rustic florals and intricate colour tiles. This collection is very elegant and timeless and will forever be a favourite.

As always, every Bokitta new release will definitely generate excitement. Come on over to our shops and get your hands on this beautiful collection.

Who knows, you may spot a beautiful print from a previous collection. You may also grab some bargains from the older collections.