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Bokitta Hijab Lovers Malaysia are Trendsetters

Bokitta hijab lovers Malaysia has come a long way. Since Bokitta was introduced in the Malaysian Market in 2013 by My Bokitta, this hijab brand has been setting a fashionable trend. Everywhere you go you would see at least a few trendy and fashionable ladies wearing a Bokitta.

This is true even on vacations. As this hijab is instant, no wonder it is a hijab of choice for holiday makers. Nobody wants to spend time wrapping her hijab with pins while there is a beautiful instant hijab ready to be slipped on.

Beautiful Prints

Bokitta Hijab Lovers Malaysia

Classy and Chic


A Bokitta is perfect for any occasions. You will look equally appropriate and stunning at the office or out with friends and families. There is Bokitta for any occasion be it formal or laid back.

Wearing a hijab is a religious requirement. However, there is no reason why a hijab should be drab and dull. Bokitta is a modest Muslimah fashion icon combining beautiful prints and colours. Bokitta hijab lovers in Malaysia is on the forefront of Islamic fashion. This they do without sacrificing their modest dressings.

Bokitta is Becoming Mainstream

Our designers have been tailoring to the the young and growing Muslim fashion market. We are adapting to their more modest needs. Hijab is getting more and more acceptable especially in Malaysia. Hijabs are showing up everywhere, and its definitely showing up a lot more in the media. 

 bokitta hijab lovers malaysia

Just Beautiful


Bokitta is Becoming a Fashion Statement

People, especially the young crowd is realising that, you can still look beautiful and fashionable in a hijab. This is where Bokitta excels.

bokitta hijab lovers malaysia

Isn't this a lovely print?


Bokitta has made a great impact on Malaysia’s fashion scene. It has brought the modest hijab into mainstream fashion. Bokitta hijab lovers in Malaysia are now setting a fashionable trend in the country. More power to the hijab!