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Bokitta Freestyle Attracts New Fans and Lovers

Bokitta keeps on designing new hijab styles by yet adding one more to its collection of styles. Bokitta Freestyle Attracts New Fans and Lovers by its simplicity yet stunning design. As with all its hijab, this new style is easy to wear. It is still an instant hijab like what Bokitta is famous for. This means this hijab is favoured among modern women who’s constantly on the go. They prefer to fashion their hijab instantly without much fuss.

What is Bokitta Freestyle

  • As mentioned above, this is a new hijab style. This style was created especially to those who wants to have the freedom to try out different styles. Hence the name Bokitta Freestyle.

  • It is basically a one-piece pre-sewn long rectangular shawl. Made of printed chiffon. Like with all Bokitta, the freestle is lined with 100% cotton. This makes the hijab breathable, opaque and gives it a fuller structure.

  • The freestyle has two long flaps. This gives you the freedom to style in many different ways. You can wrap the long flaps around your head or your neck to fashion it in your very own styles.

  • As with all Bokitta styles, the Freestyle is instant and easy to wear. You just slide it on. Match it with the straight Bokitta Inner or Cross Inner (sold separately), and you’ll be on your way looking like a million bucks!


Bokitta Freestyle Collection

Bokitta freestyle is now available to all Bokitta lovers and fans with every new collection that will be coming out. Below are a few collections featuring the new Bokitta Freestyle:


Arabian  Night Collection

Morgiana. This is a simple but looks stunning. A classic black hijab with colorful middle-eastern ornaments.



Shahrayar Orange. Let you sparkle with confidence!



Oriental Dreams Collection

Aqua is gorgeous colour to wear. It's like tiffany blue and feels classy with its marble butti texture.


Kamila Serene. A beautiful print in pastel.


 What are you waiting for? Buy online or head on down to our shops to get your hands on these beautiful Bokitta freestyle.